Fostering Community Empowerment & Leadership Development

Daniel Majok Gai and his father.

Daniel Majok Gai, PESS Executive Director

The hope for South Sudan lies in the young people who want a life of peace and of opportunity – opportunity to go to school, to work, to provide for their families and to see their country thrive.Daniel Majok Gai, PESS Executive Director

Real change comes from within a community. Project Education South Sudan (PESS) is led by a former South Sudanese Lost Boy, Daniel Majok Gai, who has chosen to return from the United States to his native country to work on the ground in South Sudan. This leadership makes PESS uniquely positioned to partner with South Sudanese communities as they empower their own leaders, educate their girls and create essential physical infrastructure. Here is what we do:

Leadership Development
Leadership Development

Teacher education, health management programs which “train trainers”, and workshops in financial literacy and other economic skills are the core of our indigenous leadership empowerment. These programs are primarily led by South Sudanese and created with a local context.

Girls Education
Girls’ Education

Inside the classroom and out, we empower girls with the skills they need to build a better future. This includes HIV/AIDS awareness and menstrual management in addition to formal educational curriculum and girls’ leadership development.

Community Infrastructure
Community Infrastructure

The physical development we support makes water more accessible, frees girls for education by shortening their daily tasks, and allows communities to build themselves from the ground up.